Welcoming feedback – a new quest

Years of writing about and reflecting on feedback have taught me to be grateful for feedback.

I think I’ve done a better job reacting to feedback in the moment over the years.  That means being defensive 20% of the time vs. being 80% of the time. :-)

And, I think I’ve done a far better job responding to it after the fact – typically after processing it/writing about it.

While there’s much more work to be done, I’ve been thinking about moving further upstream.

What if, for example, I learnt to welcome it?

I still find myself cringe a little when I know it is coming. The magnitude of the cringe is much smaller than in years past. But, it is still there.

I’d love to change this.

So, this is going to be a new quest – to replace that cringe with curiosity and gratitude.

Let’s see how it goes.