Before Bruno

Manchester United Football Club had two distinct phases this Premier League season – the period before they signed midfielder Bruno Fernandes and the period after.

The difference is stark – until the signing, the team was in 6th place in the league and looked disjointed and out of ideas.

In the 14 games after Bruno Fernandes was signed, the team was top of the league table (and third place overall).

Before he was signed, Bruno Fernandes wouldn’t have been mentioned in a list of the top 10 or 20 or even 50 players on the planet. How, then, was this transformation possible?

It turned out he just brought the kind of skills the team needed at the time with a willingness to work very hard and show up to every game and practice session with a great attitude and the desire to win.

It has been fascinating to watch the transformative effect of this one player’s arrival on a massive football club. And, that he did it with a great combination of skill, heart, and attitude makes it all the more inspiring.

It is a great reminder of the effect this combination can have on any team.

If he can do it, perhaps… just perhaps… so can we.