Strong character and the painful failure

Character is the set of mental and moral characters that are unique to a person. And, it shows up as a composite of our daily habits and behaviors.

Every once a while, we have the pleasure of meeting folks with a strong character – the sort that seems to revel in adversity and never lose sight of the importance of doing the right thing.

And, one of the things I’ve learnt about folks with strong characters – nine times out of ten, they experienced a painful failure or loss that made them who they are.

This painful failure or loss isn’t unique to these folks – most people on the planet experience them.

Instead, these folks are unique in their determination to grow from these experience. They use the heat and fire to forge themselves and get made.

So, the next time you encounter someone with unusually strong character and mental strength, just ask them to tell you their story. Look out for a story about a defining failure or loss.

It’ll be a good one.