The Logitech webcam shortage and Cx tweaks

I’ve been a regular visitor on Logitech’s webcam pages since early April. Every webcam has some version of the message below – “Out of stock due to high demand.”

I understand the high demand due to COVID-19. However, this is a pretty amazing failure to meet demand considering these products have been out of stock since end March.

Supply chain issues aside, my guess is that I’m far from the only customer who is frequently visiting the Logitech website for webcams. And, if this hypothesis is right, there are two tweaks that could significantly improve the experience.

1. An option to share my email in exchange for being notified when webcams cae back in stock would be the gold standard.

2. In the absence of that, an estimated ETA would have been great too.

Sometimes, small tweaks can result in significant improvements to the customer experience.