Getting a refund on airline tickets

Tip: If you had booked airline tickets pre COVID-19 that you’d like to cancel, don’t rush into accepting a credit from the airline. You can accept the credit till a few minutes before your flight.

Instead, wait till a week or two before the flight, call the airline, and check in on your flight status. The agent will likely explain that your flight has been moved significantly – e.g. 8 hours before or after – and that you’ve “missed a notification” (which you never received).

You can now explain that such a big move doesn’t work for you and that you’d like a refund instead. Your refund request will then be approved.

(H/T: for explaining how to approach this)

PS: Airlines are in a tough spot and are doing whatever they can to avoid refunds. The agents on these calls are doing their best to do their job and hopefully keep their jobs. So, while you’re at it, do spare a thought for them too.