6 questions for the next 6 months

I don’t think COVID-19 is going to change everything and usher in a remote-only future of work. While folks smarter than me seem to be making decisions that would lead us to believe as much, I think some of these decisions are reactionary.

There is no question however that it is going to change a lot. And, the longer we live outside of “normal” circumstances, the more change we will see.

As it is certain that we’re in it for the next 6 months (at least) and as we’ve been fortunate to have a bit of bandwidth after pre-schools reopened in our area, here are 6 questions I’m asking myself –

1. What improvements do I need to make in my work-from-home set up? (Specifically, are there any obvious upgrades that need to be made – workspace, webcam, accessories, etc.?)

2. How can I ensure I’m investing in relationships vs. simply reaping the benefits of prior relationships?

3. How can I build the right fitness systems/habits at home?

4. How can I read more?

5. How can I eat better?

6. How should my weekdays be structured?

No answers yet. But, here’s to arriving at those in time…