Smart work and hard work

There’s a small group of people in most classes and organization who have the smarts to consistently figure out the smart way of getting a job done.

They see the system, figure out the right place to apply the effort, do it with intensity, and get it done.

I  have marveled at their ability over the years.

And, I’ve also learnt that I’m not one of them.

My learning, as a result, has been that smart work and hard work are inextricably linked. And, as I can’t count on figuring out the smart path when I’m trying something new, I know I need to count on doing the work.

And, often, doing a lot of it.

After a few cycles of hard work and reflection, it becomes easier to figure out the smart way to get it done.

But, there’s no shortcut to those cycles of hard work.

At least there hasn’t been for me.