Boom de ya da

In 2008, the Discovery channel released a wonderful 1 minute ad titled “The World is Just Awesome” with an incredibly catchy line – “Boom de ya da, Boom de ya da.” I think I shared the video on this blog when I first saw it.

Years later, we’ve been revisiting the song a bunch as we found a version that the kids have taken to and that we sing as part of their bedtime routine.

As we’ve been isolating in response to COVID-19, we’ve taken many walks around the park near our place and spent a lot more time appreciating the dandelions and trees. So, the timing of the rediscovery of this song couldn’t have been better.

We have been fortunate to inherit such a wonderful planet. It is truly awesome.

And, it is on us to do our part to ensure it stays awesome for the generations to follow.