12 years

This blog turns 12 years today. WordPress reports 1.25 million words shared over 5,224 posts at an average 240 words/post.

What it doesn’t (and can’t) report is the transformative effect writing these words has had on me.

I’ve taken away many lessons from this experience over the years. But, if there is one that sticks out today, it is the power of forcing ourselves to pause and reflect – every day.

Daily habits have a way of inspiring a sea change in us. They do this by helping us build discipline, confidence, and integrity every day we recommit to them.

And, when these habits involve a touch of self-reflection, they end up doing so much more. By pushing us to be a bit more thoughtful on one day, a touch more grateful on another, and a tiny bit more focused the next, they have a compound effect on our life that far exceeds the sum of all those tiny daily pushes.

Or, as the quote by late English poet John Dryden goes – “First we make our habits, then our habits make us.”

This habit has definitely made me.

Thank you to you for all the encouragement along the way that has made this journey feel so much more sweeter and rewarding.