Kids and instincts

Kids have strong instincts. Some have these about food, others about people, and some others about activities.

These instincts aren’t always useful. Sometimes, it stops them from trying new things. And, in other cases, it gets in the way of them staying safe. But, they’re strong and right more often than kids get credit for.

So, a big part of their journey through toddler-hood and early childhood is to learn to open themselves up to suggestions and nudges that go against their instincts. As they do that, they learn to try different experiences and, if all goes well, hone their instincts.

The hard part about being a parent (or coach) through this process is to encourage malleability without resulting in them losing trust in those instincts.

Bad coaches sow mistrust in these instincts. Good ones attempt to work around them. Great coaches, on the other hand, build on the foundation these instincts provide.