Lessons on shifting energy

Our energy during the course of a day is among the single biggest determinants of our contribution to the people, problems, and organizations in our lives.

Sometimes, we begin days with negative energy. And, in other times, we may even have days when we start strong but find ourselves derailed after a poor meeting or bad situation.

I’ve learnt two things about such days.

First, it is possible to shift our energy from negative to positive. The single best way to do that is to work either with people or on problems that inspire positive energy. And, of course, if we can combine both, that’s golden.

Second, if we aren’t able to find inspiring people/problems, the single best thing we can do is to finish the day as early as possible. Attempts at salvaging a bad energy hardly ever go well.

Take a break instead. Go out for a walk, spend time with people that matter, and get a good night of sleep.

Tomorrow will work out better.