Range, comparisons, and falling behind

I read David Epstein’s Range a few weeks before the lock down (so, a lifetime ago) and was mulling the biggest lessons I took away from the book. They were –

a) Breadth of experiences are both key and undervalued. So, take the time to choose where you’d like to focus.

b) Lean into what your experiences have given you. And, also remember to lean into the experiences you are presented with. The dots only connect backward.

c) There is no such thing as “falling behind.” Comparisons are useless too. You are on your own unique path – one that will be defined by the range of skills you develop.

In our day-to-day, it is easy to get caught up in random rat races.

But, as David Epstein reminds us, there is no such race.

And, we probably don’t need a book to remind us – but, we are also not rats.