Weather and experiences

We’ve had rainy weather pretty often these past weeks. And, I’ve observed that my mood and energy get a significant lift when the weather is sunny.

In normal times, this happened less often because of the number of experiences that were possible even on a rainy day – people, places, books, etc.

But, as life has predominantly revolved around family, the computer screen on work days, a few rooms at home, and a few mile radius around home (again, weather permitting), the weather has become a key determinant of what the day’s experience might turn out to be.

It has made me more aware of how much we are shaped by the weather around us – consciously and unconsciously. The weather around us makes certain kinds of activities and ways of life possible.

There’s a saying that we are just the average of the five people we spend our time with.

What if all five of these people are shaped by the weather? :-)