Purging the list

I maintain a One Note page with ideas for future blog posts. I don’t always write about what’s on that list. But, more than half of my posts originate as musings on this page.

Toward the end of last year, I noticed that I was subconsciously avoiding any notes written on this page. So, for a few days, I made a conscious effort to go down the list of ideas. Still, no change.

That was frustrating – I had a long list of ideas going back almost 18 months and, yet, they weren’t being put to any practical use.

So, as part of my end of year reset, I just purged the list.

In the three months since, this page has gone back to being as useful as ever.

Every once a while, even the most dependable systems in our life stop working for us. The worst possible response in such situations is to beat ourselves up. Our systems exist to serve us and not the other way around.

It may just be time for a purge and reset.