Remote work and doing it right

As the experiment with remote work has begun, I’ve found it tempting to fall into the high pressure optimization trap by asking questions along the vein of – “how do I do this right?”

But, of course, like most things – there isn’t any “right” way and there’s no formula. What works for some will not work for others. And, we tend to be better served when we replace questions about “being good” with questions about becoming better.

Viewed from that lens, I see lots of interesting ideas pop up – virtual hang outs, slack amas, the occasional in-person team working session for folks feeling lonely, etc.

So, my biggest reflection has been to give myself (and folks I work with) some time to make all the wrong moves, test hypotheses, and keep iterating till we find the right set up.

With patience and a willingness to learn, we’ll experiment our way to the right set up and find that all the steps we took along the way were purposeful after all.

Much like building good products.

And much like life.