Getting started as soon as you know you need to write one

A practice that helps with writing better memos/documents – get started as soon as you know you need to write one with a dump of ideas or questions you have in mind. Even a line or two counts.

This act turns out to be far more effective than waiting for the doc to appear fully formed in our heads because it triggers our ability to subconsciously process ideas.

Without realizing it, we work through these questions and ideas as we sleep, relax, commute, and stare into nothingness. Each time we get back to work on the doc with a few additions, the more subconscious processing we inspire.

This, in turn, enables us to get the cycles required to transform the doc from one that tells ourselves the story (our first version) to one that communicates the story in a way our intended audience understands it.

Subconscious processing is a powerful practice in our writing toolbox.