Simple dreams

For the most part, dreams we had as kids were simple.

It is unlikely our dreams involved anything along the lines of “being in the C-suite,” “having a high net worth,” or similar.

Instead, they were more likely about being a teacher or firefighter or doctor or being the kind of person that helped people. It may also have been about having a family, a dog, or a nice home.

And, even if we thought about wealth, it wasn’t as much about a number as much as it was about being able to do something with it – to travel or to spend on something we thought was a luxury.

Most of all, it was likely to be about the simple things that enabled us to be happy.

But, as we grow up, we often layer in all these specifics, keep taking in new bits of data based on what others around us have, and raise our expectations with each win along the way.

And, in doing so, we lose the plot.

We make it hard for reality to ever meet expectations. And, even when it does, we make sure we shift those expectation so those moments are fleeting. After all, there is no end to wanting the next thing. Or the next next thing for that matter.

From time to time, it is worth reminding ourselves of the simple dreams we had as children.

More often than not, it may surprise us as to how well we’ve done with respect to those dreams and just how much there is to be grateful for.