The windshield, mirrors, and the journey

There’s a reason the space occupied by the windshield in a car is significantly larger than the rear view mirrors – it is far more important to keep our eyes on what lies ahead than it is to constantly look behind.

There is an important life lesson in there.

It also turns out that there’s another powerful lesson to be learnt on this drive.

Even as we spend time looking at the windshield and rear view mirror, much of the joy from the drive often comes from acknowledging a few blessings present in the current moment – good health, peace of mind, and those who are on the journey with us.

It is natural to spend a lot of our time dreaming about what lies ahead and analyzing what happened. But, our happiness is proportional to our ability to take stock of the moment and remember to appreciate the many blessings we do have.

Here’s to doing plenty of that this weekend.