Clarity in values and cultural tenets

I took some time during this reflection season to better clarify and articulate my values and cultural tenets. For the longest of time, I thought of “people,” “learning,” and “contribution” as my values but seemed to change my cultural tenets from time to time and, unsurprisingly, never remember the list of the moment.

A big part of the reflection this year was attempting to boil what I valued to two things (more on this in an upcoming post). And, as soon as I did that, I found clarity in expressing what my cultural tenets were and why writing here has changed my life.

Constraints are powerful.

As part of this exercise, I updated my About page. Here’s the revamped section.

I value living and working with doers and contributing to problems that matter. The simplified 2 word articulation would be – People and Contribution.

My personal cultural tenets – a.k.a how I show up – are:
Integrity: I do what I say I will do
Hunger: I approach my priorities with an obsessive attention to contribution
Learning: I focus on what and how I’m learning above how I’m doing

This blog is central to those cultural tenets. The discipline of writing everyday has given me the confidence in my ability to keep my own word. It has served as an outlet for my obsessive attention to contribution and taught me to contribute by first being the change I wish to see in the world. And, most importantly, it continues to inspire a learning focused mindset that values becoming over being.

In short, it has shaped me to be me.

I realized over the last week that this blog now crossed 5000 posts in October. And, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for coming along for the ride. Writing here is extra special thanks to your notes and responses. :-)

Reset milestones and compartments

With all of the noise that accompanies the dawn of a new year (or decade), we sometimes lose sight of why these landmarks matter.

The magic of the new year eve isn’t in the celebration or some forced personal milestone. It is in the opportunity we have to hit reset.

Your reset milestone doesn’t have to be new year’s day. It can be any day of the year. It can also be every day of the year. The important thing is to simply set some milestones so you can compartmentalize and reset.

My favorite compartments are weeks, half-years, and years. So, every week, half-year, and year, I give myself the opportunity to hit reset. The longer the compartment, the more deep the reset.

So, during the weekends, the reset is simply limited to re-focusing on what matters. During the mid-year mark, the reset examines what I’m learning, how I’m taking care of myself, and some time spent on my finances. And, during the year mark, it means pencilling time to re-examine all my baggage – physical, digital, and mental.

Resets are powerful. They help us get rid of the baggage, re-focus, and recommit.

All we need to do is periodically give ourselves the opportunity to do so.