Clay Christensen

I saw the news about Clay Christensen’s passing away yesterday evening.

While he was famous for his work on disruption, his work on his excellent book – “How will you measure your life – made him one of my heroes.

As his work inspired a series of workshops in graduate school that we called “the good life sessions,” a thoughtful friend cold emailed his office and gifted me a phone call with Clay as a graduation gift (what a great gift!). I was reminded of that conversation today.

That conversation further drove home 3 ideas that I have been attempting to learn/live since I read his book –
1. Don’t let life happen to you
2. Search for integrative principles that cut across work and life.. and then hold to them 100% of the time.
3. The truest reflection of your priorities in work and life is how you allocate your time and available resources.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom so generously, Clay.

It made a difference.