I’ve started past years by sharing a collection of themes I’m working on for the year. While the goal was to have no more than three themes, I often cheated and shared lists with sub-bullets. :-)

This year’s list is different – it has just one theme and that theme is focus.

As I spent time during reflection season mulling my biggest lessons of 2019, I kept coming back to focus. I had failed miserably at “fewer things done better” for long periods of time during the year and had, in patches, experienced what focus meant. And, I was also fortunate to have seen a few examples of focus done well.

All of this has inspired me to make a significant change in how I think and operate this year. I intend to do that by becoming a student of focus.

Focus means having absolutely clarity on the two things that matter at any given point. It also means being comfortable with the fact that we trade-off progress on everything else. Thanks to the simplicity focus inspires, it brings with it clarity in thought, communication, and action.

I’ve been on the journey of learning to simplify and focus better in every aspect of my work and life over the years. But, reflecting on what I’ve learnt over the last few weeks have brought to light just how much more I could be doing.

So, that’s what this year is going to be about.


Here’s to that.