You are what makes us great

I received a wonderful new year’s gift from a thoughtful friend – a box of Anson Belts and Buckles. Anson’s innovation is a tribute to every person who has struggled with belts – annoying belt holes and  difficulties adjusting the belt to fit our waists and the loops in our jeans.

I had the opportunity today to pay the gifts forward to a couple folks in the family. And, a few minutes in, I received this email.

Subject: You are what makes us great

All was quiet today until the…………..warehouse intercom crackled to life:

“Listen up, people! We’ve got an order for our new friend from Santa Clara …….”

….but no one could hear the rest of the announcement over the thunderous roar of applause.

Sparkling Water bottles were popped. Tears of joy were shed. “Don’t Stop Believing” rang from every speaker. Even Alan our lead packer smiled—and Alan never smiles.

Simply put, your order caused pandemonium and everyone is thrilled you’re now a customer. Thank you!

Once we clean up our celebration mess, we’ll be working to get your order packaged, shipped and on it’s way to you ASAP.

If you have any questions or problems, you can reply to this email. We’ll follow up with tracking information as soon as your package ships so you’ll know exactly when to expect delivery.

Talk Soon,

David Ferree
Anson Belt & Buckle

P.S.- While you’re waiting for your shipment, check out these videos on our website to get familiar with our belts and how to use them.

A wonderful example of a small touch that helps create a great customer experience.