Alexa background music

We still listen to music the “old school” way in our home – i.e. we buy our music on iTunes vs. stream on Spotify. As a result, we have an eclectic playlist with tunes in various languages that we’ve accumulated over the decade.

One of the issues with such a collection is it doesn’t lend itself well to being background music when we have friends over (and we love having music play in the background). You are just as likely to listen to Coldplay or Taylor Swift as you are to Mozart as you are to a Hindi or Tamil artists.

Over the past year, however, our go to has changed to the wonderful stations/playlists on Amazon Music. Even when we’re away from home, we just fire up the Alexa app and ask for “good music” (Top 50 most played) or “nice music” (Mellow Folk) and turn our attention to enjoying games or a good conversation.

Till date, these stations have always delivered. I’m grateful for that.