The snorkeling in choppy waters analog

We were out snorkeling on a beach with choppy waters recently. Given the strong waves, it was a fascinating process trying to get further into the water.

As attempting to swim hard when the tide is against you is futile, you have to wait out the wave – either staying in the same place or moving slightly backward when it happens.

This is followed by a period when the water recedes. That’s the golden opportunity – any swimming done at this time capitalizes on the existing momentum.

Next, we have that brief period between waves – again, good opportunity to make progress.

In summary, start by deciding where you want to go.

Pay attention to the natural momentum of the waves.

Stay in the game when things are going against you.

Make good progress in the quiet periods.

And, capitalize when you see momentum in your direction to make meaningful progress in spurts.

Sounds a lot like life.