Kicking off reflection season

I call the period between thanksgiving and new year “Reflection Season.” It marks the time of the year when I make it a point to slow down and take stock.

I’ve been lucky to work in places where the last week of the year is a “shut down.” However, in addition to that, I’ve made it a tradition to take most of the weeks leading up to the final weeks of the new year off. It is my yearly attempt at prioritizing an extended period of rest and reflection.

This period generally means a marked shift in priorities. While I increase the focus on time with family, the biggest shift is prioritizing self-care and reflection in place of time spent working. Since becoming a parent 3 years ago, such periods are rare and are, thus, treasured.

So, as I write this, I look forward to plenty of reflection on the year that’s gone by and look forward to synthesizing everything I’ve learnt.

I hope to have more time to think and write as I hit refresh. I’m excited about that… and hope you’ll be able to carve out time to set aside some time for reflection and rest as we approach the end of 2019 too.