Wasted envy

A reminder for the next time we entertain envy – a large proportion of the envy felt around the world is wasted.

It is wasted because we lack context of what that other human being is going through. We think they have the perfect life, the perfect family and the perfect career. However, it is only when we get closer do we stumble onto the fact that the reality isn’t anywhere as rosy as it seems.

Every once a while, we might stumble upon a person we consider successful in their career who is also a success in their life. But, it happens less often than we might think.

The stuff we tend to envy – wealth, prestigious degrees, power, and fame – don’t guarantee happiness. Instead, they often make it that much harder to find it.

If we must do so, envy folks who are happy. Find out how they design their lives to be so and channel any energy from that sort of envy to applying it in our own lives.

The rest is wasted.