Oysters and your blogs

There are two ways I’ve gotten to those of you who read this blog over time. The common path is from your email responses to posts. The uncommon path is through blog links that you share.

Every time one of you shares a blog link, I add it to my Feedly. Over time, reading this collection of blogs has become a highlight within my reading list – they tend to be that wonderful mix of pithy, personal, and thoughtful. And, through reading these posts, I develop that special connection with the blogger and am grateful for their generosity while they still find energy to write and share amidst everything else they have going on in their life.

Two recent additions to my list are Stephen and Dan– who’ve both being posting daily blogs. And, Dan’s post from yesterday on the oyster resonated deeply – thanks Dan.

When the parasite enters the oyster, it seeks to survive on, and destroy, its host.

The oyster responds by secreting an enzyme encasing the parasite.

Layer upon layer, the parasite is coated, until what emerges is a small ball made of a material called nacre. Nacre is also known as mother-of-pearl.

Pearls only exist due to the oyster overcoming risk and adversity.

There is a lesson here on how we can respond to the risk, adversity, and eventual rewards in our own lives.