The unglamorous stuff

This week has been a parenting week comprised of all the unglamorous stuff. Two sick kids, an average of two massive puke clean up efforts every evening, disturbed sleep, the works.

There are three powerful things to realize about the unglamorous stuff.

First, every good thing in our life brings a fair share of this stuff. And, having good partners and close relationships to share this with greatly changes the nature of these situations.

Second, it is the presence of these that help us appreciate what’s good and important. The absence of sickness, the “normal” state that most of us are blessed with, is worth appreciating and savoring every day.

And, finally, much of what happens to us isn’t in our control. What we control is our ability to engage with it with the right perspective and attitude.

When we do that, we often stumble upon that powerful realization – just because a situation isn’t fun doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of inherent joy when we engage with it.