Home is where the people are

We moved into a new place a few weeks ago. On the night before our move, I went over with a few bags of stuff. And, as I turned on the lights, it struck me that the place felt eerie and quiet.

It still felt like a house – not a home.

We moved in the next day. And, within 24 hours, the same house underwent a transformation. The house felt like the home we had decided to move into.

I had two reflections from this experience.

The first is that home is where the people are.

And, the second is a point Nassim Taleb makes in his book “Skin in the Game” about how rich folks are sold on the idea of buying houses that are far too big for them. As a result, these houses only make them feel lonely and unhappy. As highly social creatures, we love warm spaces that we can share with people we love. So, homes with just enough space to enjoy spending time with the people we love are the way to go.

There’s something to that.