Excuses to clean the slate

The start of a new year is a great excuse to clean the slate and start afresh. It is why millions of people around the world start the year with new year resolutions.

Another popular excuse to clean the slate is a birthday. A disproportionate number of first time marathon runners decide to commit to running that marathon after they celebrate the last birthday of a decade (29, 39, 49, etc.).

The beauty about being aware about such excuses is that we don’t need to wait for these dates to clean the slate. We can clean the slate after we get our next haircut, take a day off, start a blog, replace our current pair of glasses, go on a holiday, or buy new shoes.

Or, we can just shelve the excuse, clean the slate, and start afresh tomorrow.

The nature of the excuse, it turns out, matters less than the act of resetting, committing and recommitting.