Letterman and Obama

We caught David Letterman’s interview with former US President Barack Obama a few weeks back. There were two notes from that interview that resonated deeply.

The first was an observation that our kids are our hearts walking outside us. I’ve found myself thinking about that since. It has rung true.

The second was a question Obama asked Letterman at the end of the interview. He said (paraphrased) – “Do you ever look back and say – Man, didn’t we get so lucky?” He reflected on the luck that helped him along the way on his journey to the White House and the importance of reminding himself of the luck so as to never feel too self important.

What followed was a lovely response from Letterman who reflected about his friends going on a drunken trip with his friends when Martin Luther King Jr was leading the march in Selma, Alabama. He asked himself – “why wasn’t I there?” – and reflected on his privilege.

It ended with a lovely note from Obama about the importance of remembering to sprinkle some of that star dust that they were both lucky to have been blessed with in their lives.

That exchange reminded me of the fact that all of us have more star dust to sprinkle than we realize.

If we look around, we’ll always find folks who’d either benefit from a helping hand or would appreciate some perspective about an experience we’ve been fortunate to experience.

Here’s to sprinkling some of that star dust.