As we are at 2019’s half way mark, I thought I’d take a bit of time to reflect on the biggest lessons I’ve learnt in the year so far. And, I think the word that encapsulates these lessons is “fewer.”

Fewer has been top of mind thanks to a high intensity period at work in the past three months. It has made its way to this blog through various posts on focus and, in many cases, literally through shorter-than-usual posts.

While some part of this shift has been circumstantial (high volume of things that needed to be done + two young kids at home), a large part of it was a subconscious desire to welcome “fewer.” It is what I both needed to learn and was unable to articulate.

So, as I look ahead at the second half of the year, I hope to continue down the path of fewer.

For starters…

…do fewer things so they can be done better.

…say fewer things so they can be communicated better.

…read fewer things so they can be absorbed better.

…eat fewer things so they can be digested better.

Fewer doesn’t automatically translate to better. But, given we’re dealing with more noise and excess than any other time in human history, it definitely feels like a good place to start.