The day you were born

Early childhood is a tough process for kids. They’re exposed to plenty of new stimuli every day and have to figure out how to process all of it. And, every time they get tired of exploring the many possibilities in front of them or fall sick (happens as soon as they meet other kids :-)), they seek comfort. For a large proportion of infants and toddlers, that source of comfort turns out to be mom.

I was introduced to this wonderful 3 min 15 sec SNL sketch called “The day you were born” this weekend. Amy Schumer plays the mom receiving a mother’s day gift – breakfast in bed – from her son. And, the video wonderfully contrasts what she says about the day he was born and his early years with the actual chaotic and painful experience.

It ends with the line – “Thank you for pretending it was easy.”

As I see this movie play out day in and day out, it resonated deeply.

Thank you to all the engaged moms and dads who, well… engage. It matters.

And, while I know it is going to be a busy week, I hope you find some time to call your parents.