A great question for the interviewer

This maybe controversial – consider replacing that generic question to your interviewer at the end of the problem solving/case-type interview and ask for feedback on how you did.

There are 3 potential benefits – i) you understand what the interviewer was looking for, ii) you get to discuss and learn from the interviewer, and iii) you might just get a sense of where you stand.

Most interviews end without feedback. This approach, on the other hand, ensures you can close the loop and actually improve your ability to work through problem solving questions for the next interview and, maybe, even in your job.

As long as it comes from a place of curiosity, you might just be surprised as to how often you’ll get candid, constructive feedback. When that happens, it is a real gift.

(If it helps, I think I did this for 15 odd interviews over a 3 year period and was only politely declined once.)