Pens and circumstances

I walked into a store near our place to buy pens yesterday. As I entered, I realized the shop was rather dimly lit. But, I intended to buy a couple of pens and went about trying to do so. However, the lady at the shop was so unwelcoming that I abandoned the idea just as I was about to pay for them.

As I walked out, I wondered why we ended up in that situation. The obvious initial focus was the unhelpful storekeeper. However, the situation she was in wasn’t great either. The shop dimly lit and didn’t have air conditioning turned on (not ideal in our home city in India). Would a good attitude last in such circumstances?

Then again, why would someone with a desire to do well choose such a circumstance in the first place?

I ended up realizing that the relationship between our circumstances and our mindset are that of a two way loop that reinforce each other. Once we accept our circumstances, we get to shape them.

Then, they shape us.