The 3pm rush

The post office near our place closes at 3pm on Saturdays. I’ve been there a few times over the past couple of years.

When I visited last month, I made the mistake of reaching a few minutes before it closed. There were about fifteen of us who all had the same idea. Long wait aside, there was also stress flying around as folks were trying to make sure they were packing their contents in the right cardboard box while attempting to keep their place in line.

I remembered going through a similar experience when I last went to the post office a few months back as well.

So, when I realized I needed to post some letters today, I made sure I reached with twenty minutes to spare and I walked in and out within three minutes. But, as I was getting out, I could see a queue beginning to form.

It is amazing how procrastination is the default setting for so many of us. Today’s experience was a good reminder that consistently keeping it at bay is a high RoI (return-on-investment) habit.