Hopes and dreams – realized

Every once a while, it is worth taking stock of all the aspects of our lives that were hopes and dreams a few years back. These may be the little things – owning this or that, going for a vacation here or there – or the big things – how much we’ve learnt and grown, what we get to do everyday, the place we call home, where we work, our family.

There are always three things I find fascinating about this exercise.

First, the longer our look back window, the more we’re likely to find transformation. It is quite amazing how much we can get done in a decade.

Second, the more time passes, the faster we take realized hopes and dreams for granted. That is a shame because a hope or a dream taken for granted is a hope or a dream wasted. Happiness follows gratitude and not the other way around.

And, finally, the more we take stock of these, the more mindful we become of the strokes of luck we’ve had thanks to the privilege we’ve accumulated. With great privilege should come great responsibility and humility – so, here’s to more of that and here’s to using it well.