4 shows that resonated

As I looked back at books I read in the first 6 months yesterday, I thought I’d do the same with 4 shows that resonated/are resonating.

  1. Planet Earth II (Netflix)- narrated by David Attenborough. When you are #1 and #3 on the list of the top rated TV shows of all time – in an age when you are competing with the likes of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Sherlock – you know you’re onto something special. Planet Earth II is awe inspiring, educational, and thought provoking all at once. It reminds us that being on this planet is a privilege and of the fact that privilege comes with responsibility. I’m incredibly grateful to BBC and David Attenborough for their work.
  2. Parenthood (Netflix). Parenthood is a hidden gem. It is the story of a family of 4 siblings and their kids and the complex web of relationships between them. The show takes the time to develop characters and feels real – a kid with Aspergers, a multi-racial family, marriage troubles, old age health issues, and so on. I think being a parent made me appreciate the show more.
  3. Hunters and the Hunted (Netflix) – narrated by David Attenborough. We are still in the midst of watching this. Captivating.
  4. Goliath (Amazon Prime)- starring Billy Bob Thornton. The word I’ll use to describe Goliath and the performance of the cast in season 1 is “riveting.” The first season of Goliath comprised 8 episodes where BBT, a down-and-out lawyer, takes up a case that pits him against a massive oil company and the firm he co-founded. Season 2 sees him spring into action following a murder of a friend. We’re still watching season 2 – so, here’s hoping it lives up. (Update: Season 2 doesn’t live up as the original writer left. :-()

Happy weekend!