We don’t get promoted at home

But, what if we did?

Would we spend as much time as we do at work?

How would it change the decisions on the margin when we are choosing between finishing that one last thing and going home a bit late?

Would we spend less energy at work so we come back home less tired and more willing to engage?

Would we still check our email in the evening?

This needn’t be limited to the home. It could be applicable in the gym, a book club, a yoga class or or a hiking group.

I’m not suggesting we start giving our spouse, our yoga classmates, or ourselves titles and promotions. But, the clear and measurable incentives that we have in place at work have a strong hold on our daily behavior. While this is great in the short run, it is the stuff that is hard to measure that gives us the kind of fulfillment and happiness we seek in the long run.

And, a good way to check in on our behavior is by asking – how different would we behave if there was a promotion on the line? If we’re talking about radical change, maybe it is time to change things up a bit.