Saving good ideas for tomorrow

During the first couple of years of writing this blog, I used to habitually “save good ideas for tomorrow.” I didn’t believe I had many good ideas – so, I thought saving good ones for later made sense. For someone who had committed to sharing a learning every day, my mindset was remarkably fixed.

Of course, this isn’t how idea generation works. Good ideas are just a function of the number of bad ideas you have. The more bad ideas you generate, the more likely it is that you will find a good idea. You just have to commit to paying attention to the process of cultivation of ideas and take them all, good and bad, down. You’ll learn to filter based on your needs.

Ideas, optimism, complements, goodwill, affection, care – we don’t have limited stock of any of these wonderful things.

The more we use and cultivate them, the more and better there will be.

And, we can start today.