Going to be friends

I’d shared a post about a reflection from the movie Wonder earlier this week. It turns out that I received another special gift from the movie – a song called “We’re going to be friends.”

I also stumbled on a cover of the same song by a contestant on “Voice”  that has been stuck with me.

The song brought back a rush of memories and emotions as it is about those moments when you realize that you’ve found a friend. I thought of many such moments in the years past when “I could tell we’re going to be friends.” As our lives progress, many of the happiest memories we have are in the company of friends. It somehow gets harder to make great friends over the years. I think that is because friendship requires us to take a chance on people. And, perhaps our propensity to do so decreases as get older.

But, even so, when it does happen, it is a special feeling.

Some of the folks I thought about are still very close, some less so and some not at all. And, yet, every one of them helped me along the way in this journey.

I am very grateful for all those who took that chance on me.