How much of your job is sales?

How much of your job involves –

  1. Persuading executives to fund your projects?
  2. Inspiring cross functional team members (who don’t report to you) to help you achieve your goals?
  3. Evangelizing your projects and teams across the organization?
  4. Attracting external talent to come work on your projects?
  5. Gathering support for key priorities from other teams?

Of course, this list doesn’t even count time spent trying to get actual customers pay for your work.

In workplaces with lesser hierarchy and more network based work, more of us spend more of our time in sales than we realize. (This isn’t the aggressive “always be closing” type of selling we picture. It is a softer, subtler version built on attunement, buoyancy and clarity. More on that another day.)

And, yet, it is likely we don’t spend much time strengthening our selling muscle. Nor do we realize how strong this muscle actually needs to be.

The first step, then, is for us to appreciate the importance of selling to our success.

With this acceptance will come change..