Designing for what we will remember

We generally design our days around what we want to get done. But, what we get done and what we remember are two very different things.

Getting things done is important for our happiness on a day-to-day basis. But, good memories are a key driver to our long term happiness.

If we designed the next month for what we will remember, we might just..

…make more time during the day for a walk with a teammate.

…spend more time being present with our family instead of rushing to get the next thing done.

…check our email and notifications less frequently.

…leave more time during work offsites for the team to get to know each other.


…walk to the park everyday.

…create more excuses to celebrate and appreciate others.

…share more, teach more and, in that process, learn more.

We will need to think about and prepare to get things done this month. That’s the stuff that helps us make a living.

But, we it is on us to choose to spend a bit more time ensuring we also make memories.

For that’s how we make a life.