Winners and professionals

I am in the midst of a blogging dry spell. This means shipping every day is more of a struggle than it usually is. Writing takes longer as I frequently delete everything I write and start all over again.

But, on the bright side, experience helps. I’ve been attempting to do this for nearly ten years now and I know I just need to get through this slump, one day at a time. In that process, I’ve also learnt the difference between winning and demonstrating professionalism.

Winning generally happens on our best days. These wins form our highlight reel and generally showcase what’s best about us. My best posts were written on such days. I was in flow and I felt it. But, our professionalism is a function of how we show up on our worst days – the days we’d rather curl up in bed rather than show up and be present.

This difference is on show in blogging as it is in our careers and our personal lives. I’ve experienced this a lot as a parent. There are days when everything feels like a win – these are the days with great memories and wonderful photographs. But, my character as a parent is a function of how I show up when I’d rather stay in bed that day. Our daily habits, regardless of whether it is a good day or bad day, reflect our character.

There was a time when I thought winning was all that mattered. But, I’ve come to appreciate the difficulty of showing up as a pro. All winners are not professionals. But, in the long run, all professionals are winners – in more ways than one.