Success and what the world wants

We succeed when we create or offer something that the world wants or values. It is this value that generally translates into wealth.

We communicate well when the others in the room understand what we say.

Our clients and managers don’t appreciate us for the work we do. Instead, they appreciate us for the problems we solve for them.

This was the magic behind Steve Jobs’ work. He had a deep understanding for the problems we wanted solved and for the stories we wanted to hear.

Many of us often orient our narratives around what we did – “I worked so hard” or “I did so much” or “I said so many times.” Unfortunately, such effort counts for little.

Our external success, instead, is a function of how well we understand the exact nature of the problem others around us would like solved. As we get better at solving these problems for our world, we earn the right to do the same for “the world.”

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