Real desperation and faked calm

I’ve been speaking to a few folks who are in the process of interviewing for jobs. Interviewing is one of the purest forms of selling – instead of selling a product, we sell our own skills and capabilities. It can be high pressure and typically has long ranging consequences. Desperation and worry are natural accompaniments in this process.

My learning – so much of successful interviewing and selling isĀ substituting real desperation and worry with (often) faked calm.

Of course, this isn’t just limited to interviewing. It applies to every juncture at which we try to make an important sale – when we get started on a new job, when we make an important presentation, etc.

So, if you are at one of these junctures and are finding yourself worried, do know it is expected.

Every bit of practice and mental preparation we invest in is really all about making this replacement of desperation with calm seem more natural.