Dealing with worry

Worry is the opposite of useful. It destroys any potential usefulness. You’d think I’m referring to the word “useless.”

But, I’m not.

Wasting time watching more than 10 minutes of today’s news is useless. Spending more time than you need surfing others’ vacation photos is useless.

Worry, however, is much worse than useless. It is un-constructive, i.e., it doesn’t just waste your time – it debilitates your ability to get anything productive done for a long time.

I took the time to make the case against worry because it is important to understand the size of a problem before you deal with it.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to dealing with worry. Most folks have their own custom approach. However, it is impossible to deal with a problem you don’t understand. Acceptance follows understanding. And, it is only with acceptance that you can expect change.

The best way to understanding a problem is to write about it. My new all-time favorite nugget about writing is that the word essay comes from the French word “essayer” – which means “to try.” Writing is our attempt to try and figure things out.

This is why the first and most important step to dealing with worry is to write about it. As we write, we figure out what the nature of the beast is. And, this understanding is the basis of our ability to deal with it.