Pressing refresh

The power of the new year lies in the shared belief that this change in date is accompanied by us pressing the refresh button.

With the new year, we can reset anything we choose to – old habits, behaviors, relationships and even the few extra pounds we gained over the past months. It still needs us to put in the work – but, there’s something inspiring about starting with a blank slate. Hitting refresh is a powerful idea. As technology geeks know, hitting the refresh button on your browser only changes things that need to change.

Similarly, if you’ve spent a bit of time reflecting over the past few weeks, you know the areas you’d most like to change. My learning has been to focus on one change (with up to three sub changes if you are feeling ambitious) and find ways to check in with yourself through the course of the year.

The interesting thing is that the idea of pressing the refresh button during the start of the new year is just a construct.

If we wanted to, we just need to build in regular reflection into our schedule and allow ourselves the time to press refresh. For example, We could choose to reinvent ourselves every weekend if we choose to. Or, even every day..

What if we did?

PS: I did a podcast with a friend and a long time ALearningaDay reader yesterday. Our 27 minute conversation involved geeking out on favorite books, a touch of philosophy and even some notes on Bitcoin. In case you are interested, you can find that here.