It could always be better and worse

Sometimes, I think life, happiness and all the other good stuff is just about learning to balance two ideas. The first is that it could always be better. And, the second is that it could always be worse.

They seem in conflict. But, they aren’t.

It could always be better is what inspires us to wake up in the morning and get things done. We’re taking up space in this world and we might as well make it count. This pursuit to make things better makes us better. And, in time, as we get better, we can choose (for it is a choice) to help make our families and communities better.

But, a blind pursuit of better rarely brings happiness. Gratitude, on the other hand, does. And, gratitude comes with realizing that it could always be worse. There is so much we take for granted every single day.

PS: This is a classic illustration of the importance of opposing forces in our lives. Such forces bring the necessary tension for learning and growth. Extremes are rarely useful because we lose the opportunity to learn from each other. That’s a useful lesson as we discuss and embrace faith, ideology and even political views.