Old self behavior

A friend recently described a moment he had recently. He was in a situation where he realized exactly what his old self would have done. As he chose a new and different response, he realized how much had changed over the past few years.

I go through moments like that every once a while and can speak to how liberating it feels. You know you’d have been tied to a certain script a while ago. But, now, you can choose different.

It feels great.

I’ve met and spoken to people who are steadfast in their belief that people can’t change – that they think a certain way or are only capable of doing a certain kind of thing. There’s a part of me that always finds that sad. It isn’t sad because they think less of people around them. It is also not because they are always wrong.

But, I’ve come to realize that where there is desire and strength of character, change is not just possible. It is probable.

And, I am saddened because looking at everyone around us with a fixed mindset confines us to one too. There is certainly joy in watching others change because of something we did.

But, there are few more powerful moments in our lives when we’re able to look into ourselves in the mirror and say – “I can change.”

The possibilities are endless.